Initial Consultation


  • The evaluation process begins with an initial one hour parent consultation, where both parents should attend, if possible. 
  • This initial consultation will be followed by a one hour evaluation with the child. 
  • An additional appointment with the parents or the child may be required if the evaluation is more complex. 
  • The evaluation will conclude with a reporting conference with the parents to discuss findings and recommendations. 
  • As part of the evaluation process, records will be reviewed and there may be collaboration with other professionals that are providing care for the child. 
  • If extensive collaboration is required, an additional fee may be incurred. 
  • If testing or medical records are available for review, please try to get these to the office prior to the initial appointment via fax or mail. 


  • For high school students, a 90-minute appointment will be scheduled, where time is spent both with the teen and the parent(s). 
  • At the end of the appointment, treatment recommendations will be made. However, depending on the complexity of the evaluation, an additional appointment may be required to make treatment recommendations.


  • Adult patients will be seen for a one hour consultation appointment.